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Henry IV - King Henry IV of England

Henry IV was also known as: Henry Bolingbroke, Henry of Lancaster, the Earl of Derbey (or Derby) and the Duke of Hereford. Henry IV was noted for: Usurping the English crown from Richard II, beginning the Lancastrian dynasty and planting the seeds of the Wars of the Roses. Henry also took part in a notable conspiracy against Richards closest associates earlier in his reign. Places of Residence and Influence: England Important Dates: Born: April, 1366 Succeeded to the throne: Sept. 30, 1399Died: Mar. 20, 1413 About Henry IV: King Edward III had fathered many sons; the oldest, Edward, the Black Prince, predeceased the old king, but not before he himself had a son: Richard. When Edward III died, the crown passed to Richard when he was only 10 years old. Another of the late kings sons, John of Gaunt, served as regent to young Richard. Henry was John of Gaunts son. When Gaunt left for an extended expedition to Spain in 1386, Henry, now about 20, became one of five leading opponents to the crown known as the lords appellant. Together they successfully made an appeal of treason to outlaw those closest to Richard. A political struggle ensued for about three years, at which point Richard began to regain some of his autonomy; but the return of John of Gaunt triggered a reconciliation. Henry then went crusading in Lithuania and Prussia, during which time his father died and Richard, still resentful of the appellants, seized the Lancastrian estates that were rightfully Henrys. Henry returned to England to take his lands through force of arms. Richard was in Ireland at the time, and as Henry proceeded from Yorkshire to London he attracted to his cause many powerful magnates, who were concerned that their rights of inheritance might be endangered as Henrys had. By the time Richard returned to London he had no support left, and he abdicated; Henry was subsequently declared king by Parliament. But although Henry had conducted himself fairly honorably, he was considered a usurper, and his reign was plagued with conflict and rebellion. Many of the magnates who had supported him in defeating Richard were more interested in building their own power bases than in helping the crown. In January of 1400, when Richard was still alive, Henry quashed a conspiracy of the deposed kings supporters. Later that year, Owen Glendower started a rebellion against English rule in Wales, which Henry was unable to quell with any real success (although his son Henry V had better luck). Glendower allied with the powerful Percy family, encouraging more English resistance to Henrys rule. The Welsh problem persisted even after Henrys forces killed Sir Henry Percy in battle in 1403; the French aided Welsh rebels in 1405 and 1406. And Henry also had to contend with intermittent conflict at home and border troubles with the Scots. Henrys health began to deteriorate, and he was accused of mismanaging the funds he received in the form of parliamentary grants in order to finance his military expeditions. He negotiated an alliance with the French who were waging war against the Burgundians, and it was at this tense stage in his difficult reign that he became incapacitated in late 1412, dying several months later. Henry IV Resources Henry IV on the WebMedieval Renaissance Monarchs of EnglandHundred Years War

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Video Game Addiction - 524 Words

When a person thinks of an addiction, substances come to mind: drugs and alcohol. Doctors are now realizing and recognizing behaviors as addictive also. The criteria descriptions are almost mirrored with those of a substance addiction and Kimberly Young, PsD, clinical director of the Center for On-Line Addiction says compulsive gaming meets these criteria. Severe withdrawal symptoms are prevalent with those who are addicted; they can become violent, or depressed (Rauh, 2006). Video gaming is a $66 billion dollar industry. A study produced in 2007 found that almost 12 percent of those who participated, 7,000 people to be exact, were diagnosed as addicted to video games (Flanagan, 2014). The biological aspect of video game addiction is still quite unclear. Research is suggesting that gambling can elevate the levels of dopamine and video gaming can fall into this same category. However, addiction lies further than basic chemistry. There is a psychological factor at play as well. The fantasy of online role playing lures players into a virtual world and become anyone they choose. Fat can be skinny, ugly can be beautiful, unpopular becomes king. Domination becomes their new reality. Their fantasy world can become real and make them better (Rauh, 2006). While gaming can seem harmless compared to the dangerous and lasting effects of drugs or alcohol overdoses, it has the chance to ruin many lives. People, who play, specifically children, are forgetting aboutShow MoreRelatedVideo Games : Video Game Addiction2135 Words   |  9 PagesApril 15 Video Games Addiction in Asia For the past decades, video games have been accessible to varied kinds of groups all over the world, which are from children to adults. Meanwhile, problems of online games addiction are arising particularly rapid and evident, especially in Asia. According to the news â€Å"Gaming Addiction On the Rise in Asia† by Paul Gaita, nearly 1.2 billion out of 84 million of world wide online gamers are Asians, which has led Asia to be the chief of video game addiction. (Gaita)Read MoreThe Addiction Of Video Games951 Words   |  4 PagesAddiction to Video Games A few months ago, my son asked for a tablet which we bought it for his birthday. It was a good idea back then, since he never had one before and it was his birthday. My only thought was to make my son happy in rewards of his good work at school, but later it become a problem. I was scared of seeing my son playing video games! I started noticing that he was acting different. And many times he wanted to be playing these video games while we were eating or visiting relativesRead MoreVideo Addiction : Video Game Addiction1845 Words   |  8 PagesVideo Game Addiction Video game addiction is just like any other addiction in the world! Though it might not be as deadly or destructive to the body as smoking or drinking alcohol, it can be just as dangerous. According to psychiatrist Michael Brody, MD, a definition of addiction would be: 1. The person needs more and more of a substance or behavior to keep him going. 2. If the person does not get more of the substance or behavior, he becomes irritable and miserable (Bakker) According to the definitionRead MoreFighting Video Games Addiction : Video Game Addiction3184 Words   |  13 PagesRunning Head: FIGHTING VIDEO GAME ADDICTION 1 FIGHTING VIDEO GAME ADDICTION 11 Fighting Video Game Addiction Gabriel Rosario Baker College When parental neglect ends up being the cause of death for a child, it seems like the whole news cycle starts. Whether it s a mother or father leaving an infant or toddler strapped inside a car on a hot day, or a child who sits day after day while her parents getRead MoreVideo Game Addiction Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesabout video game addiction. Life is full of many stages and milestones that everyone must encounter one of the largest and most important ones is the teenage stage of people’s life. During our teen years we usually figure out who we are and who we want to be. Do you want to be the gamer who stays home all day and play video games or go out with friends? Some people would rather spend a beautiful weekend inside playing video games instead of going out. Just like most other things video games can affectRead MoreVideo Game Addiction Essay710 Words   |  3 PagesVideo game addiction has always been the main topic of controversies recently due to its impact on t he young generation. In spite of the fact that it helps us to enjoy ourselves during recess and economically contributes to several countries’ income, its negative affects towards children and teenagers and so on, need our consideration. Merely in 2001, people in the US spent roughly 9.8 billions dollars on video game and this number increasingly enlarges in time. Besides, people who overplay thoseRead MoreThe Causes Of Video Game Addiction In Video Games1497 Words   |  6 PagesMany people of our generation like to play video games in some point of their life, whether it is Pokà ©mon Go, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Skyrim. Over the past few decades of their existence, video games have been a major form of entertainment. As time goes by video games improve in graphics, sound, and storyline. It’s only natural that people would become more and more immersed in them, and Many gamers will claim that videogames are not addictive, and evenRead MoreA Video Game Addiction is Still an Addiction1582 Words   |  7 PagesA video game addiction is just like any other addiction. These addicts seek stimulus from their subjects and cannot refrain from it. It impedes on their daily lives, interrupts their way of logic, and has no real benefits. The major reason why addictions begin is because it helps them cope with their emotions. For them, it’s another world that is immersive and engaging to the point that they are entranced by it. Video games and the Internet provide a plethora of communities and people to meet. SinceRead MoreEffects Of Video Game Addiction1887 Words   |  8 PagesAlmost everyone has played a video game at least once in their life. The people who play them on a normal basis though, probably only spend an hour or two doing so per day. However, there are people who are affected by video game addiction and do not know it. The DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) does not even consider video game addiction to be a real problem. But, video game addiction is, in fact, a real phenomenon and it is a direct cause of health and social problemsRead MorePsychological Effects Of Video Game Addiction Essay1622 Words   |  7 PagesPsychological Effects and Consequences of Video Game Addiction Hardcore players are usually younger and may suffer from emotional issues, low self-esteem, and low self-worth. People that suffer from such emotional problems are more susceptible to becoming addicted to playing video games. In these interactive video games, players can act out and take risks in the game that they otherwise would not do in real life. These young players attach themselves to these other identities, try out leadership

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Fuel Price Free Essays

Great Impact of Rising Fuel Price Fuel is another transportation system component. Rising of fuel price is one of the major issues facing the transportation industry in Malaysia. Fuel may be gasoline, natural gas, diesel fuel, ethanol, methanol, coal, etc. We will write a custom essay sample on Fuel Price or any similar topic only for you Order Now The costs and efficiency of transportation fuels are considerable interest. (Joseph Sussman; Introduction to Transportation Systems; Transportation System Components; 2000). Fuel price volatility along with overall price increases has been an issue with transportation carriers, airlines, and even some water carriers and is a continuing challenge to the financial viability, causing some carriers to file for bankruptcy. Overall, it can be argued that is a manifestation of world demand and the supply of crude oil. The demand for oil as a source of energy to power transport equipment and for private use has been growing steady, but crude oil is limited natural resource. New oil fields have been discovered since World War II, but the known available supply of oil has not kept pace with the increased demand. Consequently, the general trend for fuel prices has been upward. This trend in price has been exacerbated by the location of the best oil fields in distant countries and the disproportionate share of oil consumption. Two factors mentioned have impacted the price of oil namely the growth in demand from other countries and the speculation that occurs in the futures market. An additional factor is the disruption that can occur with terrorist actions and political upheaval in certain parts of the world. Rising fuel prices could put a spanner in the works of the region’s recovering economies, Malaysia included, if the market does not cool down soon. The higher costs incurred by transportation companies are already causing jitters that they might have to offload some of the burden onto end-consumers soon. Malaysia Airlines, for example, has been lobbying for months for a domestic air fare increase to offset higher direct operational costs, of which jet fuel and kerosene are the largest components. -(Pui Kiew Ling, Jamal Othman, Noorasiah Sulaiman ;Macroeconomics and Industry Effect of an Increase in Fuel Price in Malaysia; 2012) Already there are fears in the US that the runaway oil prices would bring the economy’s decade-long expansion to a screeching halt, with all its implications on the rest of the world, particularly export-driven economies ike Malaysia which depend heavily on the US, European and Japanese markets. -(Transport, Trade and Climate Change; Carbon Footprints, Fuel Subsidies and Market-based Measure; 2011) The challenge, then, in transportation industry especially for carriers and shippers for example will be deal with the uncertainty and volatility of fuel prices and the expectation that the price will be increasing over time. However, the impact will vary amo ng the modes of transportation because some are more fuel efficient than others due to their different operating and market condition in or outside our country. In overall, looking to the future and considering the challenges associated with volatility in fuel prices and the environment on the other side, much effort will be directed at the concept of the green supply chain. There is every indication that is not just a concept but rather a growing commitment that has economic as well as environmental benefits to shippers and carriers and also for all type of transport in Malaysia transportation industry generally. How to cite Fuel Price, Essay examples

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The Oiled Paper Umbrella

Abstract Umbrellas have evolved throughout the history of ancient China, Egypt, and the Middle East. Oiled paper umbrella is a type of umbrella that emanated from China during the ancient times and has evolved and dominated the world due to its unique features.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Oiled Paper Umbrella specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The unique features of oiled paper umbrella include smooth bamboo handle, waterproof shade, light paper, and colorful collections. A study, carried out in colleges, confirmed that students prefer oiled paper umbrella as compared to other umbrellas, thus designers and entrepreneurs should target students and entire youth as potential customers of oiled paper umbrellas. Introduction The oiled paper umbrella is a special umbrella that emanated from China during the ancient times but has currently gained international recognition that, it is virtually present in all countries. Johnson argues that, versatility of oiled paper umbrella to various occasions and functions has made it gain international significance as compared to the ordinary umbrellas (8). This implies that, oiled paper umbrella has unique appeal to diverse cultures across the world due to its unique design and variable colors. Since the oiled paper umbrella has dominated the world, this project seeks to establish the unique features that are inherent in the umbrella design that make it appeal to so many people across the world. Review of the Literature As aforementioned, the oiled paper umbrella is unique umbrella that Chinese invented during the ancient times. The Chinese made the oiled umbrella using bamboo, wax, paper, and various colors that give different tastes. Royal families and emperors used red and yellow colors with special designs while ordinary people used blue or other colored umbrellas. According to Smith, oiled umbrellas serve several purposes in the Chinese cu lture in that they do not only provide shade against rain and sunshine, but also as act as artifacts of decorations in weddings and prevention of evil spirits in religious ceremonies (1). In addition, other people across the world use the oiled paper umbrella as gifts to their loved ones and souvenirs of the Chinese culture. Despite the fact that the oiled paper umbrella originated from China, it has spread across the world, because its unique design and multiple colors appeal to many people.Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Methodology To establish unique features that are inherent in the oiled paper umbrella, a study was carried out in a college. The survey targeted 200 college-going students and ensured that there was gender balance to enhance the credibility of the research findings. According to Walter, the appealing features of the oiled paper umbrella include oil t hat repels water, smooth bamboo handle, and colorful designs (8). Therefore, the study hypothesized that students would cite these unique features as inherent components of the oiled paper umbrellas that have made it dominate the world’s markets with much value. In the study, the researchers interviewed 200 participants to state the umbrella they like and name its unique features. The researchers displayed four types of umbrellas with five sets, each having different colors. The study collected numerical data in terms of points. When each participant selected the desired umbrella, it was a point; moreover, every named unique feature was a point too. Expected Results The study expected that, since the oiled paper umbrella has more unique features as compared to the ordinary umbrellas, it would score more points. Edwards asserts that, artifacts that have many attractive features are more appealing than those with minimal features are (13). Hence, smooth bamboo, waterproof shade , light paper, colorful collections, and unique design of the oiled paper umbrella are many attributes that made it score more points in the survey. Comparatively, the ordinary umbrellas only have good design features and exist in colorful collections; however, they do not have bamboo and paper components plus waterproof shade. Therefore, the research findings are relevant to both designers and entrepreneurs since they give an idea about students’ preferences and tastes concerning umbrellas. Designers will employ these findings in designing customized umbrellas that target students and by extension youths, as a generalization of the findings. Moreover, entrepreneurs will employ these findings in targeting youths as potential customers of the oiled paper umbrellas. Research Project Timetable The researchers carried out the study on a weekend viz. Saturday and Sunday, between 9am and 4pm, because most of the students are free and have ample time for interviews. Between 9am and 4pm, researchers visited students at various places within the college: in hostels, classes, and field or entertainment centers. The objective of the study was to interview 200 participants, 100 males and 100 female students, in consideration of gender perception of umbrella features.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Oiled Paper Umbrella specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Resources Required The study required resources such as the interviewers who carried out the study during the two days and analyzed the data. The interviewers used questionnaires and stationery as recourses when collecting required information from participants. Other resources that were critical include samples of four types of umbrellas each having five sets of different colors. Conclusion Invention of umbrellas began a long time ago, about 4000 years, in various parts of the world such as China, Assyria, and Egypt. Bellis explains that, the ancient umbrellas functioned as shade against sun and rain, but they have evolved with time in that, they currently function as beauty artifacts in weddings, souvenirs, and gifts (5). Due to its unique and attractive features, the oiled paper umbrella has gained international recognition because international designers and fashion industries are reproducing it across the world. Currently, in Europe and the United States, the oiled paper umbrellas cost between 10 to 100 dollars, depending on quality and design of the umbrella. The study carried in a college proved that students preferred the oiled umbrella to the ordinary umbrellas. Thus, research findings are relevant to both designers and entrepreneurs of umbrellas, for they provide probable tastes and preferences of students. Works Cited Bellis, Mary. â€Å"Who Invented the Umbrella?† Invention History Database, 2011: 1-7. Edwards, Cain. â€Å"Arts and Design of Artifacts.† European Fashions and Designs, 20 10. Johnson, Kenneth. â€Å"Evolution of Oiled Paper Umbrellas.† Chinese Exhibitions, 2010: 1-4 Smith, James. â€Å"Oiled-Paper Umbrella.† Inventions of the Chinese, 2009: 1-3.Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Walter, Paul. â€Å"Chinese Oiled Umbrella.† International Arts and Exhibitions, 2008: 1-13. This research paper on The Oiled Paper Umbrella was written and submitted by user Vicente Padilla to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. 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American mindset Essay Essays

American mindset Essay Essays American mindset Essay Essay American mindset Essay Essay Cheri Register earned a PhD and pursued the calling of a professor. yet she can non acquire over the fact that she had been raised by parents who belonged to the working category ( Register 10 ) . Their work is â€Å"revile [ vitamin D ] † by flush Americans. including those that belong to the same category as Register. now that she has escaped life in the little town of America that she grew up in ( Register 19 ) . Her old town continues to look as â€Å"working-class in character† ( Register 17 ) . Her girls. who have been raised in a metropolis. lose the presence of the likes of Gap and Contempo in the on the job category town ( Register 17 ) . Harmonizing to Register. category consciousness is an built-in component of the American mentality. Even as those Americans who do non hold to supply inexpensive labour for their kids to accomplish â€Å"something different and better† happen it convenient to look down upon the labour category. Register believes that the services provided by the hapless people of America are â€Å"essential† albeit â€Å"unpleasant† ( Register 19 ) . Person has to work in the packinghouse. merely as person else is required to work in a nutrient processing works at the minimal pay rate. Those who escape the working category life style are persons like Register who find it easy to execute mental labour and obtain the academic grades required to mount the ladder of stuff success ( Register ) . As the illustration of Gap and Contempo shows. people from different socioeconomic backgrounds in the United States must demands hold different purchasing wonts. When unemployed people from Register’s little town are invited to a Christmas shop. some of them refuse to buy â€Å"‘anything nice’† ( Register 21 ) . A sense of â€Å"deprivation† has been built into their mentalities ( Register 21 ) . Yet. those who are able to afford luxuries are witting of the differences between a â€Å"paper-thin food shop turkey† and â€Å"a frozen Meleagris gallopavo loaf† ( Register 13 ) . What is more. people from the working category. possibly because they are exposed for long periods of clip to disagreeable working conditions. have come to believe that the rich and educated people are amoral. Register writes: â€Å"My pa one time paid this great compliment to my brother-in-law: ‘Rog is such a nice cat you’d neer even cognize he was educated’† ( 13 ) . She farther describes the instruction of her male parent therefore: Hadn’t he taught me that rich people aren’t happy. that Republicans will make you in for money. that â€Å"we. . . the small cat. . . the ordinary working people† are small and ordinary exactly because we are excessively moral to make what it takes to acquire rich? ( Register 6- 7 ) . Of class. the major portion of Register’s book is a description of the labour brotherhood work stoppage that she observed as a young person in little town America. The working category felt exploited by the rich. Register was confronted by the undermentioned inquiry being worked on for a solution: â€Å"Whose rights should predominate. those who supply the money or those who supply the labour that keeps towns like Albert Lea vital† ( Register 20 ) ? It was the first clip that the writer was exposed to the word â€Å"Unfair† being applied â€Å"to weighty inquiries of justness that may be in difference forever† ( Register 20 ) . This is to state that the hapless would go on experiencing exploited by the rich. who may or may non be concerned about moralss and equality as they seek greater net incomes by offering low rewards to those that work hard to prolong their households. trusting for their kids to hold a better life. The writer writes about â€Å"powerless workers up against a heartless adversary† ( Register 163 ) . On a similar note. her great-grandfather had written about the picturesque landscape being destroyed because of the greed of those that hoped to do money. whether they did so through deforestation or building of fabrication workss ( Register 18 ) . Therefore. people from low socioeconomic backgrounds express themselves every bit ethical as compared to those who compete against each other to acquire richer by the twenty-four hours regardless of whether they must assume the rights of others in the procedure. As mentioned before. those who are comfortable. on the other manus. continue to look down upon the sort of work performed by the working category folks even though their services are every bit of import. harmonizing to the writer. Although Register would non like her kids to be exposed to unsympathetic on the job conditions that her parents had survived. she would non halt esteeming the self-respect of people from low socioeconomic backgrounds. She understands their mentality better than those persons from the rich category who have neer seen their parents as low pay workers. Peoples who have neer seen their loved 1s in hard conditions may go on to work the hapless. As Register writes. this struggle may be ceaseless. In other words. the capitalists of America may go on offering low rewards to labour in order to heighten net incomes. For this ground. Register’s book offers munificent nutrient for idea to educated Americans. Due to their attempts in the right way. that is. to change by reversal the pestilence of inequality. it is possible that in future working category Americans would halt feeling belittled by the capitalists even as the latter would halt assuming their human rights.

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Definition and Examples of Title Case and Headline Style

Definition and Examples of Title Case and Headline Style Title case is one of the conventions used for capitalizing the words in a title, subtitle, heading, or headline: capitalize the first word, the last word, and all major words in between. Also known as  up style and headline style. Not all style guides agree on what distinguishes a major word from a minor word. See the guidelines below from the American Psychological Association (APA Style), The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago Style), and the Modern Language Association (MLA Style). Examples and Observations Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst and Ray Cruz(the title of a book in title case)A Matter of Concern: Kenneth Burke, Phishing, and the Rhetoric of National Insecurity by Kyle Jensen (Rhetoric Review, 2011)(the title of a journal article in title case)The Lover Tells of the Rose in His Heart by William Butler Yeats(the title of a poem in title case)Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents(a headline in title case from The New York Times)APA Style: Major Words in Titles and HeadingsCapitalize major words in titles of books and articles within the body of the paper. Conjunctions, articles, and short prepositions are not considered major words; however, capitalize all words of four letters or more. Capitalize all verbs (including linking verbs), nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns. When a capitalized word is a hyphenated compound, capitalize both words. Also, capitalize the first word after a colon or a dash in a title . . . .Exception: In titles of books and articles in reference lists, capitalize only the first word, the first word after a colon or em dash, and proper nouns. Do not capitalize the second word of a hyphenated compound.(Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed. American Psychological Association, 2010) Chicago Style: Principles of Headline-Style CapitalizationThe conventions of headline style are governed mainly by emphasis and grammar. The following rules, though occasionally arbitrary, are intended primarily to facilitate the consistent styling of titles mentioned or cited in text and notes:Capitalize the first and last words in titles and subtitles (but see rule 7), and capitalize all other major words (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and some conjunctionsbut see rule 4).Lowercase the articles the, a, and an.Lowercase prepositions, regardless of length, except when they are used adverbially or adjectivally (up in Look Up, down in Turn Down, on in The On Button, to in Come To, etc.) or when they compose part of a Latin expression used adjectivally or adverbially (De Facto, In Vitro, etc.).Lowercase the conjunctions and, but, for, or, and nor.Lowercase to not only as a preposition (rule 3) but also as part of an infinitive (to Run, to Hide, etc.), and lowercase as in any grammatical function.Lowercase the part of a proper name that would be lowercased in text, such as de or von.Lowercase the second part of a species name, such as fulvescens in Acipenser fulvescens, even if it is the last word in a title or subtitle.(The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. The University  of Chicago Press, 2010) MLA Style: Titles of Works in the Research PaperThe rules for capitalizing titles are strict. In a title or subtitle, capitalize the first word, the last word, and all principal words, including those that follow hyphens in compound terms. Therefore, capitalize the following parts of speech:Nouns . . .Pronouns . . .Verbs . . .Adjectives . . .Adverbs . . .Subordinating conjunctionsDo not capitalize the following parts of speech when they fall in the middle of a title:Articles . . .Prepositions . . .Coordinating conjunctions . . .The to in infinitives . . .Use a colon and a space to separate a title from a subtitle, unless the title ends in a question mark or an exclamation point. Include other punctuation only if it is part of the title or subtitle.(MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed. The Modern Language Association of America, 2009)The difference between title case and every word in capitals is minor, and we think that very few of your users will notice. But Opt For Every Word In Capitals And A Few Of Your Users Will Find Themselves Mentally Correcting Every Wrongly Capitalized Word. Its a bit like the use of apostrophes: most people dont notice whether or not you are correct; some people definitely do and their irritation about your mistakes will distract them from the smooth flow of questions and answers.Our bottom line: opt for sentence case if you can.(Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney, Forms That Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability. Morgan Kaufmann, 2009)

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History Vs. Hollywood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

History Vs. Hollywood - Essay Example This paper depicts the comparison of history and Hollywood. An emphasis will be given to selected Hollywood movies, which have played a significant part in illustrating the historical events, as well as the significant contributions of Hollywood. 2.0 Historical Events In the fall of the nineteenth century, historical films became interesting as demand for these productions proliferated. In the inception of the twentieth century, historical films were among the numerous genres that were successfully made (Hall and Neale 2). Historical events gained more interest in the world today. History had once dominated the world of television when viewers demanded more of television series showcasing past events (McConville 8). This will tell how interested people are to better fathom the history of the world despite the significant changes in the environment today. Moreover, Hollywood did not have a good standing as an interpreter of history. American movie creators sometimes associated with th e manipulative schemes such as supplementing inventive scenes in the history; thus, rewriting a new set of events or even called â€Å"rape of US history† (McCrisken and Pepper 1). Historical events shaped the records straight to the next generation through numerous approaches such as contextualizing through books, films, and many other means. History tells people about how the world did a long time ago before everything becomes smooth. History is full of warfares, conflicts, struggle, success and suffering. Hollywood is one of the many facets why history becomes more tangible and memorable to the present generation. 3.0 The Filmmaking Industry In the world now, historical events are not just present in readings, but also visualizations. Moviemakers now are adopting primitive stylistic facets to develop the entertainment value, as well as the return of investments from these productions. A paradigm of this kind of act is the adaptation of a true-to-life story films. However, creators of films exclude some historical characters, shorten the series of events, concentrate on only a few turmoil situations, and crash out a huge amount of minor information. The stories focus on the important characters, and not on the significant concerns, concentrating on the lives of the late heroes and heroines, and warfare has become a favorite formula. Filmmakers concentrate on the poor and humble, romance, social status and the villains, who are sometimes emerged as powerful in terms of earthly possessions (Toplin 10). Movie creators have manipulative proofs on their productions. They commenced to produce inventive events conveyed in the story, and riveted dramas into the scene to capture the interest of the audience. These panoramas have introduced ambiguity into the minds of the viewers, which leads them to scan books from libraries and do research (Toplin 15). 4.0 Hollywood’s Interpretation of Historical Events History itself has many revelations that cannot a fford to buy someone’s beliefs. However, a lot of interpretations of historical events have been made by Hollywood. One of this paradigm is the movie Apocalypto, which is an action epic film regarding the ancient Maya. The director of the movie, Gibson, firmly stands by himself about the movie as though, some of the events did not really happen in the past or somehow, might happen but has no physical evidence. The production was thought to